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About EzPz

EzPz is a garage brand established in 2021 with the keywords "ECO", "play" and "functionality".

By incorporating the essence of "ECO" into "play", we hope to change "ECO" from "extraordinary" to "everyday" and solve problems easily and quickly.

Our surf wax development started from 1 in 2021, and we set up a research and development base in one room of the garage and started as a garage brand. Even now, we are developing sample products in our garage and conducting in-house evaluations. ​

In addition, we, who do not have a track record or name recognition, use SNS to contact people in Japan and overseas who are involved in surfing, and by conducting test rides in Japan, the United States, Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand, We are working on improving the wax.

EzPz is sending out functional eco surf wax that has never been seen before in the world from Japan, and we are planning to win medals with our surf wax someday.


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