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Highly functional ECO SURF WAX

Awareness of environmental conservation is increasing day by day, and now it is spreading to many surfers.

Beach cleaning before surfing or on holidays is no longer a rare sight.

However, SURF WAX, which is still used by many surfers, is still composed of petroleum-derived paraffin wax..

Many eco-conscious ECO SURF WAX become SURF WAX that loses its original function due to being conscious of ECO, and conversely, the functional grip created by paraffin wax creates a very complete SURF WAX.


"Are you going to surf? take environmental protection? 』

In response to this question, the current SURF WAX is forced to take "surfing".

We, EzPz, are not only eco-friendly, but also functional SURF WAX, which provides many surfers with the two options of "surfing" and "environmental protection" at the same time. A sustainable “ECO SURF LIFE”

We believe that it will be an opportunity to advance to the next phase.

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