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Pentagonal BASE WAX suitable for all seasons.

This is a base wax that has been adjusted to make it easier to create bumps in order to maximize the capabilities of the Polygon Wax top coat.

Of course, it's PARAFFIN-free ECO SURF WAX.

  • temperature range

    All seasons

  • Returns and Refunds Policy

    In the case of "defective products/mistakes in our products"

    [Return period]
    Refunds will be available if you contact us within 5 days of purchase.

    [Return Method]
    Please request a refund by email.
    The purchase price will be transferred to the specified account within 5 days.
    Notes on expressions and products The expressions and reproducibility shown in this product may vary from person to person.
    There is no guarantee of benefits or effectiveness.

  • Shipping information

    Shipping: Flat rate 250 yen Free shipping over 5,000 yen

Sales Tax Included
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